Mac os vs linux differences

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#1: Flexibility

Login details for this Free course will be emailed to you. Linux is used as an operating system, as a server, provide a platform to run other application. Mac computers are very expensive this is the biggest disadvantage of it.

You can have an office-ready Linux machine that will tackle most every task you put to it for the cost of the hardware alone. Not so much. So if you're looking to cut costs and who isn't, in this economy? This may come as a surprise to you, but Linux has far more software available than OS X.

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Here are the numbers: Linux 11, results. OS X 1, results. Of course, many would say that it's not a fair search because freshmeat.

Linux vs Mac

The results: OS X 19,, hits. Linux 45,, hits.

One of the things that separates Linux from all other operating systems is that for every task in Linux, there are numerous tools available to undertake it. Let's look at the task of word processing. You get the picture. I've done this. It's not a good solution because the software often is prone to crashing or not running at all. I have tried to come up with the phrase that is the opposite of "dumbed down," but I've had no luck.

Differences Between Linux vs Mac

So work with me on this one. One thing that Apple did very well with OS X is dumb down the operating system interface to the point where most all tasks are easy for anyone to do. But there are those who do not want that dumbed-down experience. With Linux, you can have a desktop experience on every level. Or you can go to the complete opposite and use the console as your desktop.

Or you can experience anything and everything in between the two. With OS X, many power users feel like someone is holding their hand throughout the experience. With Linux, you can let go of that hand from time to time or even chop the hand off and replace it with a hook. When you're using the Apple desktop, OS X is in control. When you use the Linux desktop, you are in control. One of my biggest pet peeves with OS X is the fact that there is no normally functioning Delete key. This is pretty common practice with the OS X keyboard, which is about as efficient to a hard-core programmer as a salad is tasty.

And it's not just the Delete key. The End key doesn't do what you would expect, either. Another issue — mouse buttons. I know this is a fundamental design that makes sense to Apple. But the majority of people like two mouse buttons. With those three mouse buttons, you can even do a simple copy and paste function highlight text with a left mouse button and then click the middle mouse button to paste.

The Linux keyboard is just far more efficient than the OS X keyboard. Those are 10 simple things Linux does better than OS X. Are any of the above deal-breakers? Quite possibly. Do you have an issue with OS X that Linux handles better?

What is the Difference Between the macOS and Linux Kernels - It's FOSS

If so let us know. Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and Linux. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen. What are the differences between Mac OS and Linux? Braiam 52k 20 This has been answered here. This is why people think they are related but they aren't. From a usability respect, both Operating Systems are nearly equal.

Abu Nafee Ibna Zahid 5. Grayson Grayson 3 6 Do you have links to the VLC articles, and the point about "keeping open source away" sounds intresting, but I would like to see something to back it up.


I think you have it backwards, it is the Gpl that is restricting the free use on a closed platform. Closed platforms shouldn't have the benefit of using open-source code. If Apple wants to stay expensive and proprietary, they can't and shouldn't be able to leverage the power of open-source software. The users do suffer, but that's no one's fault but Apple's and the users that will happily pay others for what they should do themselves.