Pwei big mac and fries to go

How gone is Ron?

Pop Will Eat Itself:Def.Con.One Lyrics

How sick is Dick? What's the time?

Pop Will Eat It Self _ Def Con One

It's def con one What's the time? Just get me some Big Mac, fries to go Watch man, we love you all Hup!

Pop Will Eat Itself Lyrics

Ground floor, coming up Goodbye city, hello moon Hands up! What's occuring?

What goes on? To Bovinity: What is the CD itself labled as, and what is the copyright date on it?

Def Con One

This Is the Hour This Is This! An innovative song that mashes several musical genres, 'Def. One' features elements of alternative rock , hip-hop , pop and punk , but was proclaimed by the band to be grebo rock.

Several versions of the song are found on the single, none being the version that would appear on the This Is The Day The live tracks that appear on the 12" and CD editions are recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, during a tour in March, A music video was recorded for the song, and it appears on the video release Unspoilt By Progress.

It features the band performing the song in front of a large image of the album cover for This Is The Day During the entire video, an effect is used that freezes and blurs the image several times a second. The album version of the song is used in the video. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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