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Please note that the MB base image is not intended for users to install more software. Pre-installed software includes: QuickTime 4.


See also: Basilisk II - a 68K emulator with floppy support. For Windows: All you need to do is unzip the file, follow the instructions file inside the "1 - Install First" folder and you'll be ready to run old Mac software in seconds. SheepShaver is crashing while booting Mac OS 9? If the VM crashes while booting, try to re-launch it another time. The G5 is now showing problems.

Running Mac OS 9.x on Raspberry Pi

I got my own new 3. A beautiful machine. Any recommendations, hints, cautions, warnings.

I last used SheepShaver specifically to run WordPerfect 3. It seemed to work just fine at the time. I liked Word Perfect 3. Glad to hear we're helping maintain marital harmony. A number of others have mentioned the WordPerfect Yahoo Group, where they reportedly have installers designed for just your situation.

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Have got Sheepshaver running happily on a MacBook Pro Intel, thanks to Matt's excellent article but have come up against the printing problem. Is there a way to do this from Sheepshaver to a USB printer? My oldest install disks are 9. How would one go about picking up a legal copy of Mac OS 9. I'd really like to decommission my old PPC machine. I speak french and my english is not very good.

SheepShaver Brings Classic Mac OS to Snow Leopard

But I need this connexion to read on Do you think that with Sheepshaver I can have the connexion between the two of them to read my files? Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address.

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Alfredo Mora. Nothing more retro than this Nicholas Bonsack.

How To Install Mac OS 9 In OS X Using SheepShaver

Short answer: yes! I'm very happy with it. It's all very gratifying. John Rethorst.

SheepShaver: an idiot proof how-to guide by Catherine Park on Prezi

O Hardy. With some effort, you can probably drop the newest SheepShaver build into the package, however. Works great! Why use Sheepshaver? If you have a Mac that is PPC, just install the classic environment. Classic stopped working as of Jeff Harris.

There are also some links to download ancient, long gone apps. From hands on experience as well as other websites and comments , it is safe to conclude that after overcoming any installation hurdles, SheepShaver allows one to run Mac OS 9 slowly -- even within the latest version of Mac OS X This is not to denigrate the hard work of the open source community in the slightest as this type of program is extremely complex and the fact it works as well as it does is quite remarkable. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac.

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