How to make an x and y graph on excel mac

To change the title of your line graph, simply double-click on the title of the graph and start typing! There are two tabs for customizing your graph: Chart Design and Format.

Plot line graph using Numbers in MAC.

You can also add elements like labels, titles, and a legend to your line graph. You can hover over each option for more info. Did you enjoy this article? Check out our articles on how to subtract in Excel and how to lock cells in Excel! She loves anything that puts her in her creative space — including writing, art, and music her absolute favorite. For all of you visual learners out there, listen up — this one is for you. A line graph requires two axes in order to function. Enter your data into two columns. For ease of use, set your X-axis data time in the left column and your recorded observations in the right column.

For example, tracking your budget over the year would have the date in the left column and an expense in the right. Select your data.

How to switch between X and Y axis in scatter chart?

Click and drag your mouse from the top-left cell in the data group to the bottom-right cell in the data group. This will highlight all of your data. Make sure you include column headers if you have them. Click the Insert tab.

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It's on the left side of the green ribbon that's at the top of the Excel window. This will open the Insert toolbar below the green ribbon.

How to Find the Y-Intercept of a Line of a Graph in Excel on a Mac

It's the box with several lines drawn on it in the Charts group of options. A drop-down menu will appear. Select a graph style. Hover your mouse cursor over a line graph template in the drop-down menu to see what it will look like with your data. You should see a graph window pop up in the middle of your Excel window.

Click a graph style. Once you decide on a template, clicking it will create your line graph in the middle of the Excel window. Customize your graph's design. Once you create your graph, the Design toolbar will open. You can change your graph's design and appearance by clicking one of the variations in the "Chart Styles" section of the toolbar.

If this toolbar doesn't open, click your graph and then click the Design tab in the green ribbon. Move your line graph. Click and drag the white space near the top of the line graph to move it. You can also move specific sections of the line graph e. Resize the graph. Click and drag one of the circles on one of the edges or corners of the graph window in or out to shrink or enlarge your graph.

Numbers for Mac: Create scatter charts and bubble charts in a Numbers spreadsheet

Change the graph's title. Double-click the title of the graph, then select the "Chart Title" text and type in your graph's name. Clicking anywhere off of the graph's name box will save the text.

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You can do this for your graph's axes' labels as well. Click on the graph. Select 'Chart Elements' on the side, which is the plus icon. In this case, select sets of two columns for each additional data series. Use data from a single column: Select the column.

How to make a scatter plot in Excel

The bubble chart plots the data similar to a line chart, with the values from the selected column along the y-axis. Sharing the x-axis means plotting a single kind of value along the x-axis, while allowing for multiple kinds of values to be plotted along the y-axis. By default, the x-axis values are shared among multiple sets of y-axis values in some types of charts.

Click the pop-up menu in the bar at the bottom of the window and choose Share X Values to add or remove the checkmark. You can change the data reflected in the chart at any time. To learn how, see Modify chart data references. Intro to scatter charts and bubble charts Scatter charts show relationships between two or more sets of data.

The topics below describe how to add a chart first, then select the data. Create a scatter chart Click in the toolbar , then click 2D or Interactive there are no 3D scatter charts. Click the left and right arrows to see more styles. Click a scatter chart or drag one to the sheet. Click the Add Chart Data button near the chart.

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You can select rows or columns from one or more tables, including tables on different sheets. Click Done in the bar at the bottom of the window.

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Create a bubble chart Click in the toolbar , click 2D or Interactive there are no 3D bubble charts. Click the right and left arrows to see more styles.

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Click a bubble chart or drag one to the sheet.