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Next, run this command:. The search bar in the Finder searches the entire system by default, even though most users expect it to search only the current folder.

31 Days Of OS X Tips: Show The Path Bar In The Finder And Get A Sense Of Place

For a long time, adding tabs to Finder meant installing a third party software, or replacing the Finder entirely with some other application. Well, you can assign particular views to individual folders relatively simply. Check out the article and you can assign certain folders to open in the Icons or shudder Cover Flow views. Just like that you can see all the hidden files on your Mac.

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Finally, if you really want to make your Finder suck less, you need to dive in and customize the sidebar. If there are any folders you use frequently, add them.

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Photo Credit: raneko. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Is the path too long for its folder names to show? Just point—no clicking necessary—to a truncated name, and it expands so that you can read it.

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Double-click a folder in the Path Bar to see its contents in the current window. Or, open a folder into a separate window with a Command-double-click on its miniature in the Path Bar. You can save a lot of window-juggling and folder-opening by dragging things directly into Path Bar folders. Notice a document or folder in the current window that should be elsewhere in the hierarchy?

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You can manipulate the folder icons in the Path Bar in many of the same ways you work with folders in windows. Drag a Path Bar folder into any other folder or window, or onto the Desktop. You can even hold down Option as you drag to make a copy of the folder, or Command-Option to make an alias.

Want to access one of those Path Bar folders frequently? Drag it into the sidebar.

Mac OS X Tip – Type Or Edit Path In Finder « Alexandre Gomes

Working with files in the Path Bar can be a big timesaver. Say, for instance, you notice that something is in the wrong place in the path you put FebNews inside JanNews instead of inside the parent folder Newsletters. The Path Bar is an everyday, every-window convenience, but is especially useful in Finder search windows. While a standard window displays the contents of a single folder and the Path Bar shows its path, a search window lists items from all over the place, and its Path Bar shows you where any selected item lives.

If you make multiple selections, the Path Bar cleverly shows the nearest folder that they all have in common.