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After running a comparison with a working version on Sierra Open Keychain Access Search for com. After making this change the first launch of messages asked me to allow permission to access keychain. After doing so any subsequent open of messages works as expected. Incorrect, I feel. If that option available, one of the developer might have taken an initiative to help on that. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Did you know the Mac Messages app can support chatting with Google Hangouts natively? Enter your email address below: Posted by: June 19, at 4: June 19, at 7: James says: June 21, at 5: Kevin says: September 27, at 8: Brad says: September 29, at 9: Richie says: September 30, at Claude says: January 1, at Peter Gerdes says: Chrome version: Comment 7 Deleted. Comment 8 by thaloun google. IIRC, The last time we investigated this, enumerating camera devices through QTKit was what made gtp show up as requesting the discrete gpu.

We never found a straightforward way to force a 'recheck' and go back to integrated that we could trigger at call end. Incidentally we are very close to switching to AVFoundation for enumeration and capture, which may resolve this issue. Chrome definitely also will force a switchover, for the accelerated scaling and compositing of decoded video.

But as you say that process should get cleaned up when closing the tab. Comment 8 Deleted. Comment 9 by m. I don't think any screenshot will tell you more than the Talk Plugin holds on to the discrete graphics card Comment 9 Deleted. Comment 10 by agv Okay, screenshots. I have only hangouts plugin running for chrome. Comment 10 Deleted. Comment 11 by m. Yes, not releasing the discrete graphics card is one thing but Hangouts doesn't really need the discrete one at all.

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Perhaps removing the dependency altogether would be a simpler thing to do than releasing the card after finishing using it? Comment 11 Deleted. Comment 12 by manoranj Thank you. Comment 12 Deleted. Comment 13 by Deleted Nothing beyond what I mentioned in 8. That simply querying which camera devices are available triggers the switchover.

Adding Google Talk in Messages OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

If Apple has produced some apis for explicitly controlling which gpu is active since we first investigated this I'd love to use them. In lieu of that, we are switching over to AVFoundation from QTKit for enumeration in the future and I hope using that will sidestep the problem. Comment 13 Deleted. Comment 14 by Deleted You control which GPU is used with an Info. See https: Comment 14 Deleted.

Comment 15 by vangelis chromium. Thanks for the link. Comment 15 Deleted. uses cookies.

Comment 16 by ccameron chromium. That only applies to whitelisted processes, right? Comment 16 Deleted. Comment 17 by m. The problem would be resolved if the plugin just quit itself after it's not needed any more. Comment 17 Deleted. Comment 18 by andre. I second the suggestion of Quitting the plugin process by hand sorts things out. Comment 18 Deleted. Comment 19 by m. OK, I mixed the issues, apparently. This issue is about not using the discrete card when it's not needed but when the plugin is needed. There is a separate issue that the plugin sometimes doesn't quit itself e. How long will the plugin be needed?

Comment 19 Deleted.

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Comment 20 by thaloun google. On CrOS that's true. We keep the plugin around so that we can skip all the heavyweight setup on subsequent calls, and to show correct status video icon instead of available, system idle on pre-hangouts googletalk endpoints like gmail. Comment 20 Deleted. Comment 21 by kbr chromium.

Replying to ccameron's comment in Yes, that's correct, and upon further thought, might be why the system never switches back to the integrated GPU. Could it re-launch and re-do some of its setup without triggering the discrete GPU, so that the next call would still be fast? Comment 21 Deleted. Comment 22 by kbr chromium. Comment 22 Deleted. Comment 23 by jare Quitting the plugin's process did not revert back to the integrated gpu for me. I actually had to quit Chrome completely before it happened. Comment 23 Deleted. Comment 24 by m. Re Use the gfxCardStatus app to see, what's holding up your graphics card.

Comment 24 Deleted. Comment 25 by jare Yep, force quit the plugin, and it still used the discrete. Chrome shows as not needing the discrete card, but as soon as I quit chrome it switch back to integrated. Comment 25 Deleted.

Google Talk and OSX Mountain Lion - Apple Community

Comment 26 by m. Well, as I said - in OS X when the discrete card is used, it means a process uses it.

Chrome has many processes, many other apps as well. It's hard to tell anything from that info, it could be another process etc. That's why I suggested using gfxCardStatus to check the specific process that's keeping the discrete card in use. Comment 26 Deleted. Comment 27 by bartek. Process that uses discrete card can be also found in Activity Monitor. I keep the list sorted by this column and when Google Talk Plugin process keeps the card in use I see it on top and kill it. I don't know if earlier versions of OS X have it, but it is available for Comment 27 Deleted.

Comment 28 by jare Yes, I was using the activity monitor list, I wasn't just guestimating it. Looking again, and double-checking with gfxCardStatus, it looks like a Google Chrome Helper process isn't cleaned up. Comment 28 Deleted. Comment 29 by Deleted This issue is very annoying, very real and very repeatable. How can I help move this forward? Comment 29 Deleted. Comment 30 by ccameron chromium. Any update on taking the approach from comment 22? I kill the Google Talk Plugin processes after using hangouts, in order to save battery.

This should be done automatically.