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Good media players should also come with playlist features. Are you able to create and manage your playlists? If no, dump that media player immediately. Finally, make sure the app has regular updates. This is necessary for ensuring a sustained compatibility. So it is safe to say that Windows Media Player for Mac was replaced by Flip4Mac app that agrees to execute and implement different digital media functions with extreme efficiencies and assistance for Mac.


Viewers can download Flip4Mac directly from the given link securely. QuickTime Player is a preferred app for most users as it is packed within the macOS. Undoubtedly it has a great usability with lots of user-friendly features that provide smooth playback, high-quality picture, eminent sound, and capacity to play different video formats.

It is great in basic features, but when it comes to performing other various functions it is not the top performer. For such extra functionality, viewers might want to opt for a QuickTime alternative for Mac. Now for Mac users, there are numerous third-party video players available to choose from.

All the video players have a different set of functions and various designs. Go through the list just by clicking on the link below to find the most appropriate media player that best satisfies your expectations. Best Mac Media Player In Top choice. Elmedia 4. Olga Weis Oct 30, What media player does Mac use? Which media player is best for Mac? Elmedia Player. Version 7. Download Purchase. It is even AirPlay-enabled. Cisdem Video Player for Mac.

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An intuitive and unobtrusive interface. Download support for YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Notable functions and features include: Snapshot functions. Automatic detection of next playable file.

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Windows Media Player was no different. Windows Media Player for Mac was always somewhat technologically behind compared to other media players for Mac like Quicktime. It could not handle the latest audio and video codecs and streaming videos resulted in substantial buffer times.

The brushed metal feel which looked alright a while back, looked very dated too. Windows Media Player for Mac is no longer available. Please download Flip4Mac instead. It won't even run.

For and only for modern macOS.

Don't waste your time. I was trying to watch my friends project and this was no help at all. A useless piece of software. For a mac user this is about 10 steps backward. The biggest problem with it is that it is a Micro soft heavyweight product with all the bells and whistles that no-one wants.

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And, of course, it won't run on a modern Mac. Trying for Windows Media Player. I recently upgraded my mac operating system to lion. My windows media player won't run with lion. I th ought i'd upgrade my media player. The official website of the program offers a free and safe download to all users. The software is designed to play as much media as possible, be it a digital file, a DVD video, webcam footage or online stream. It plays most codecs without the need of downloading an additional codec pack.

It is compatible with all widely-used media filetypes, along with more obscure and specialised formats. It is designed to be a versatile program catering to the needs of as many different users as possible, no matter what their preferred platform. If the copy is downloaded from the official website, then yes, it will be safe. The program has no spyware or trackers; in fact, it does not even have adverts. It is a free and accessible piece of software with no hidden drawbacks. Not necessarily: like all software capable of playing DVDs, whether or not it can handle multiple regions depends primarily on the user's DVD drive.

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The program generates a specific config file for each user, rather than offering a global configuration file. When a user modifies and saves VLC's configuration, this results in a new config file being created in the relevant user directory. Once that is done, the screenshot will be saved in a specific folder, which can be customised by the user.

Yes, it is possible to use VLC while viewing online videos by using a special plugin. This plugin is available for multiple browsers, and will allow compatible video types to be played through VLC inside the browser.

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They are enabled by default, although it is possible to disable them from the program's menu if necessary. VLC is also capable of reading separate subtitle files. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.