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Could he have become the man his biggest fans say he could have been? Again, back to Cleveland.

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Conforth, the curator, is a highly entertaining interview. He turned out not to be a good fit for the hall. One mistake he made, he allows, is requesting to work in Cleveland, which he thought made sense at the time but led to many of his decisions being overruled from New York.

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Even two decades later he remains amused at his tenure. Their Latino-psychedelic fusion was distinctive. All of their early albums are worth hearing today; they are immensely varied and persuasive without being chaotic or unfocused. No argument here. These guys are molten, as good as soul got in the s. The epitome of southern rock, with an unexpected rolling jazz undertow.

And probably the only rock band that should have two drummers. Is Seger different? He plays to this day in the same T-shirt and jeans he always did. All respect. Nelson was part of the first two years of inductions into the hall, which I find bizarre. To be fair, he was a very big star in his heyday. It was, ironically enough, a somewhat petulant response to fans uninterested in his new sounds. The life of a teen idol is a real bitch.

He died in a plane crash, which might have had the original hall of fame nominators in a nostalgic mood. How versatile? Like ZZ Top, possessors of a signature guitar sound that goes beyond the primal. They pursued a unique sound at a time when no one could have been expected to like it, and kept fucking doing it. The real problem is with the nominating committee.

Over the years, it has tended to grow large and then go through a sudden purge; those purged speak darkly about the removal of older people from the group. This happened in and again in Besides that, the committee is heavily New York centric. The critics on the committee lean heavily to the Rolling Stone crowd, a group whose critical discrimination atrophied years ago, and in any case over the years have, of course, learned to be highly aware of the wants of their boss.

These were New Wave poseurs hiding a conventional bent, but it turned out they had an even more unconventional one: a spare, skittery, reggae sensibility. Leader Sting has since become a real menace.


An austere artist, to be sure. And his albums from the classic period up to Rhythm of the Saints sound sensational without being overproduced. Checker once took out a full-page ad in Billboard , complaining about his lack of recognition by the hall, and also the Nobel Prize committee. Like James Taylor, Browne never apologized for his straightforward, confessional songwriting. He then marshaled up his art for two very strong song cycles, The Pretender and Running on Empty.

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After which things went quickly to hell. Heavy soul hitter in the s — a lot of his songs display writing, singing, and production chops of the first order. They were getting better, too — until Van Zandt and guitarist Steve Gaines perished in a plane crash. Preternaturally proficient folkies — they were together as teens with a released single and a record contract. A gigantic talent, in both senses of the word. King made everything he played looks easy, and was a staple at the innovative cross-genre shows at the heyday of the Fillmore.

Besides that, she has a story — marshaling the talent to break out of the rut of her early albums and, more importantly, away from her benighted family and finding the collaborators she needed in Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She ultimately made a few years of the era her own, against some significant competition, including Prince, Springsteen, Madonna, and — who am I forgetting? Power rock from the American heartland — probably the most effective power trio since the Who.

Leader and songwriter Nielsen does crazy things on the guitar and makes it all look easy. Absolutely killer live, to this day. Zappa did a lot of things no one really cared about. An early electric blues guitarist and top-flight melodist and innovator much favored by the likes of Keith Richards and other white bluesheads in the s. They backed everyone from Otis Redding to Wilson Pickett and had a couple hits on their own, led by the pulsing organ of Jones.

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Motown session bassist James Jamerson was inducted in the subcategory that year. Of all the instrumentalists in rock, he gets an award? A Canadian folk poet whose stature has grown immensely over the years. His early stentorian songs all of his songs are stentorian, actually can sometimes cut to the bone, and even at their most flighty capture a mood. His latter-day concerts were wild, mysterious affairs. She had a sound and a voice and was probably the sassiest of the early female rockers. Labels either claimed they were still recouping production costs or were just keeping the money.

The fan turned out to be a canny lawyer. A weird group on paper. A kid from a military family who wanted to be in the Monkees, a clown from the Byrds, and an effete English guy. Their performance at Woodstock, remember, was their second live appearance. Light, sure, but a huge percentage of their early work sounds great, and still gets played on the radio. And Stills is not a bad guitarist. Hard to argue with a star in an evanescent business still standing plus years later. Accident or not, it makes his stature plain after 40 years of reliable, ever-more-inessential rock.

Gladys Knight has a voice of enormous warmth and emotion; her career stretches back to the early s, finally resolving satisfactorily in a strong of massive pop hits in the s, giving her icon status in the years since. Classic Chicago blues from the purest blues voice on Chess Records. Rock and roll could also encompass the songs of an East Bay kid who pretended he was from down on the bayou.

John Fogerty took elemental chords and a ringing guitar and fashioned something that at least sounded backwoodsy, and occasionally wrote something profound. And he had a voice. They kept at it and the world came to them and they ended up global superstars. In their favor: They were around British punk when it was created, and quickly emerged as among the first post-punk bands. And at a time when a lot of traditional rock bands were still putting on old-school shows, Cure concerts were sonic and visual extravaganzas. A visionary singer possessed of dulcet voice and a sparkling persona.

He eventually became the heart of the Impressions, who were inducted eight years earlier. The Impressions! Curtis Mayfield! A really interesting band.

cocthiegutcio.tk They were deep soul, definitely, but with rockist pretentions — and yet they produced several of the blithest pop singles of the era, songs that still crackle when they come on the radio today. In their lives and art they embody the promise of the music as much as anyone on this list. An early guitar experimentalist, artisan of a primal guitar sound, note by individual note. He came in and delivered a stirring plea, which the nominating committee duly acquiesced to. They were New Wave from New York, which is to say, plainspoken and more than a bit arch, with a pretty formidable lead presence in Harry.

Lots of good songs, too. As they matured they melded New Wave with disco with the help of a British pop super-producer and the genial side of hip-hop and even reggae, all of that resulting in some big pop fun. Docked ten notches because Harry and Stein, irritated by litigation from older members of the band, kept them from playing at the ceremony, causing Infante to deliver an outburst from the podium.

But Bill the Grumpy Critic notes that again this is a second-tier person with an amen corner among the Boomers on the nominating committee while more important and influential bands are ignored. The cacophony still somehow made sense.

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Some of the time, anyway. Baker was a highly committed drummer. The result was some stalwart classic-rock hits. He is rarely not worth listening to. On the other hand, his words are seldom profound and the band is often boring. How many artists on this list can you say that about?

Knopfler and his brother David were nowhere to be seen. I could hear Wenner audibly shrug when I asked him about it.

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Which has happened before. Haley looked like a dork, with a spit curl pasted over his something moonface. But Taylor is not slight. He grew up fairly privileged but dealt with things institutionalization and heroin addiction, for starters that no teenager should have to. This gave his early art a slightly darkened cast, and lingering credibility as he grew older and ever more lighter.