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Forum Threaded view. DDR is what Apple installs.

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In the absence of someone really knowledgable, and based on a little interwebs research, no appreciable difference: The second, faster option may well only run at the same speed as the slower option, because the controller limits it I think. The faster option is single channel, the slower dual channel. The dual channel memory may be faster though not appreciably than the single channel. That said, I couldn't find any definitive answers, so who knows? I'd go with the cheaper RAM. Small footprint. Easy setup as people say for server purposes.

More than enough horsepower for transcoding and itll be super quiet.

Apple Mac Mini SSD Dual Drive Upgrade

The French are taxed on everything, even Ebay sales and car boot sales. I would imagine Amazon have deals like this to encourage the French to buy from them at more affordable prices than the prices charged by the heavily taxed French retailers. How do you install or keep os when replacing HDD with ssd on Mac mini?

My understanding was, you clean format your existing HDD and then remove and replace it with ssd but how will new ssd have os installed on it? No, the mid Retina model 15" cannot be upgraded unless you want to solder. There were non-Retina models 13" and 15" released mid and 13" Retina model released in late but I'm not sure about those. I was only referring to the mid MacBook Pro Retina model because I have one and I know it can't be upgraded I think it was one of the first mainstream devices to have soldered RAM and I was gutted because it wasn't clear when I bought it.

Macs aren't fussy at all in my experience. Never had a problem - and currently running a Mac Mini on 10GB. And what does refurbished mean, any HDD is nearly dead after such a long running time.

The bigger question is why would you want to upgrade to Mojave? If you buy this, remember that the memory can be swapped but not the storage so better buy with at least GB. Not sure but best price i have seen for the new Mac Mini. Deal is good if you don't want the to be charged with a premium of walking out of the Apple Store with the product.

Shame Apple don't price match certain online sites. Not sure what you mean but you are welcome, I hope someone will be as happy as I am with my not-so-black-Friday-of-a-deal. Great price but too underpowered Wish they had the other ones on offer as I would buy them right away. Only pick a 2TB or bigger as they still have GB. Or ideally an SSD as they are fast.

Apple price increases are Not to do with Brexit. They put the price up in Europe too I too prefer the and have the i7 upgraded. What I object to on this site though is it should really change its name to hotopinion because people used to vote if something is a deal but now vote because of their love or hate of a product.

I still vote by deal so have some heat! Cheapest for one of these by quite a bit.

The Plex Media Server and the Mac mini DIY Fusion Drive

Thanks for letting me know - I've seen those faults before, WiFi failure on 4s was relatively common. Well done on getting it fixed - this is what's making me think of just buying an iPhone. Literally after being thrilled with finally getting away from iOS to an S7 Edge, I've got the 'screen stripe' failure after just 2 months and am tempted to jump into the car, drive to town and get an iPhone 7 from Apple direct along with the cover it brings.

First vibro-motor broke after half a year, I had my iphone 4s replaced. Out of interest, what did you have repaired? EU directive is 2 years [each country is supposed to implement their law according to directive]. If you're buying from other sellers they might make you prove it was a manufacturer's defect which would cost you extra money.

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However if you buy from Apple directly and if they know it's a common defect in the model, they would take it without you having to prove manufacturer's defect. Btw they didn't need a receipt, they could see when it was bought from one of their shops in their systems, and the phone was a present, so I didn't have receipt or a card it was bought with. I agree with above comments, I have a mac book pro which is great being able to upgrade through two new operating systems and it's a few years old but see no reason to upgrade cost v performance boost etc.

However the mac mini is now so overpriced for what it is. I agree would get a decent laptop for that kind of money. I know Apple are about aesthetics, rock steady OS and just getting on with work, all that good stuff, which, an iMac with multiple problems aside, has mostly been my experience with most Apple products, but Or you could have taken the advice above and waited for the imaginary CEX second hand stuff, possibly mismatched and not guaranteed to be the same Apple friendly spec!

No, it's not true.


Good stuff. If they're in stock - put a deal on here. HUKD's and all that ;. Hi, I tried to reserve a mac mini with curry's pc world using the mac code, only to be told that the code has expired. Good price for what it is. No abuse about Windows v. MacOS, please.

SSD DIY Kits for Mac

You pays your money and takes your choice - and chance! He's back, Merry Christmas! I don't, I think it's more plausible that they were wrong 2 months after the event than those of us who saw it at the time lol Plus it's Currys, more chance of George Osborne getting a budget correct and not back tracking than their staff getting something accurate. Have who heard the porkies in their "sales pitches"? Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus. Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

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Apple Mac Mini A Second HDD SSD SATA Hard Drive Flex Kit A | eBay

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More information Agree. Posted 6th Oct Posted 6th Oct. Ok so you now have a fusion drive and its all booting fine and dandy, what you will notice is that for the first couple of hours or a couple of days depending on the amount of data it will run like a dog, my advice is to leave the machine on overnight to let the Fusion Drive index and sort itself out. At this point, I want to hand over the blog to Sarah so that she can add her comments and thoughts on having a non SSD Mac Mini and how the new Fusion Drive setup works for her in regards to the speed increase that she has experienced. So over to the boss.

Since Seb installed our state of the art network and all of the above, I can now say it is fault-free. It looks the business and performs without fail now.