Can a mac mini play world of warcraft

One great bonus is having a 74 Whr battery so it could be a nice student laptop, suitable also for use in classes.

World of Warcraft on 2010 Mac Mini (320M GPU)

Okay, it would run World of Warcraft. What about if you get bored with this game and you would like to play some other, more resource demanding game? Just wait a month or two, save some more money and grab some proper machine ;. Still, I checked the market if I can find at least one model to be able to run WoW, but they always lack something for at least an acceptable gaming experience.

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The GPU is around minimum requirements, which sucks. Really, it looks like crap if you play on low settings. Trust me, it drove me nuts with my previous laptop -. Of course not. You are also able to play many AAA games on the market, even the ones that are yet to come. If you have any recommendation about other gaming laptops for playing WoW, please feel free to mention bellow in a comment section. I would be glad to hear it from you. They are slightly cheaper than Nvidia with the same performance. This Asus laptop has even better processor as in this YT video.

I hope it helps.

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Take care. Best Laptop For. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from your purchase through links on this site at no additional cost. It helps support my work and keeping this website alive. Gaming laptops at least… Notice that all the laptops listed here have at least one system SSD drive.

Comparison table:. Acer Predator Helios Model. MSI GV Dell Inspiron 15 Previous Next. Mik3y Banned Feb 1, Mar 2, 7, 0 0. I'm looking for a new computer and would like to go the Apple route. The only game I'll be playing is WoW. I'm not looking for super high quality performance.

Gaming FPS: Mac vs PC

May 3, 2, 0 0. The stock RAM isn't going to cut it. You'd want at least It certainly will not match your current rig.

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Mac games don't tend to go through the same optimization process as PC games. I'm sure it'll play WoW, but it will not beat or even match your PC.

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Dec 5, 1, 0 0. In some benchmarks, the does better than the However, WoW eats gfx ram for lunch, so the MB you have on your card is being put to good use. Mac Mini only has 32 MB of gfx ram, so that's going to be a major limitation.

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If you check out the mac tech section of the WoW forums, you'll see that one of the Blizzard techs said that the next WoW Mac update will make better use of limited gfx ram and that as a result, it will run faster on low end systems such as iBook and Mac Mini. If I pick up some more ram for my Mini tomorrow, I'll install WoW on it and let you know how it works.

Can you play World of Warcraft on a MacBook Pro?

I still ned to try a few other games on the Mini as well. I'm mainly waiting to upgrade the ram first. I was even able to work with a 10 track song in Garage band, while doing some Expose window moving with GB and Safari at the same time without running out of ram BukkY Member Feb 1, Jan 27, 39 0 0. I hear you can run Doom 3 on the mini at around 30fps.

enter site Originally posted by: BukkY I hear you can run Doom 3 on the mini at around 30fps. Feb 12, 8, 0 0. I doubt you'd even get 15fps in Doom3 on the Mini unless you absolutely kill the graphics. OP, sorry I don't have a useful answer since I never play warcraft or even games for that matter..