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Create your own drawing tools and custom tool palettes with User Libraries and their powerful "Tool" mode. EazyDraw is a new design tool for use on the macOS platform. Its uses range from simple technical drawings, flow charts, business communications, commercial line art illustrations to graphic elements for application software and web design elements.

Educators are also finding EazyDraw to be perfect for introducing new user to computer drawing. With version 9, EazyDraw provides the tools needed to create and publish the graphic image suites needed for todays mult-resolution display environments. This includes 2x web graphics and app development ui elements.

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Robust SVG support takes web graphics to the next level of image clarity, download speed, and development productivity SVG is authored with a single small byte load graphics file - no need for dual or triple authoring using the 2x technique. EazyDraw's PNG export provides excellent anti-aliasing, supports transparency fade to light or dark needed for light colored graphic elements and text. Page Setup provides convenient and accurate conformity to various web and app development specifications, including current iOS standards, and web standards for FAVICON image suite creation.

There is even a "canned" iconset selection for authoring iOS and Mac app and finder icons.

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EazyDraw is true native macOS application. This facilitates workflows for the technical drawing community, web publishing, and artistic endeavors. EazyDraw provides a rich suite of supported graphic file formats for both import and export. This will allow you to use or provide high quality graphic images to or from other applications, other operating systems or the web. In most cases you should not need to involve a separate graphic converter application in your work flow.

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To import these drawings a retro-version of EazyDraw is provided. The "retro-version" runs on macOS Software developers on macOS, iOS and watchOS will find native support for creation of the required logos, app-icons, and screen images. Page Setup has electronic virtual printer settings for the defined image and icon specifications set by Apple. Color space management RGB and CMYK - with transparency and conversion is provided with our professionally grade Export panel for these industry standard formats. Nearly all publishing or printing companies will accept the EPS vector format for graphics and typeset text.

Professionals and perfectionist avoid font problems by converting type set text to Bezier paths before exporting to EPS, EazyDraw lets you do the same with a simple menu click. You get a full use license, no limits or constraints, with free updates for 9 months. You simply place an order at our on-line store Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover and we send you a license code.

You enter the code and the demo restrictions are removed. This will all happen automatically, anywhere on the planet, it only takes a few minutes and a credit card. If you move the download disk image. Visit SketchUp. FreeCAD is a serious Open Source offering that supports parametric 3D modeling, which means you can modify your design by going back into your model history and changing its parameters.

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The target market is mostly mechanical engineers and product design, but it's got a lot of functionality and power that anyone would find attractive. Like many open-source products, it has a loyal base of developers and can compete with some of the commercial heavy hitters because of its ability to create real 3D solids, support for meshes, 2D drafting and lots of other features.

Further, it's customizable and is available on multiple platforms, including Windows , Mac, Ubuntu , and Fedora. Visit FreeCAD. It includes lots of powerful features that include snap-to-grid for drawing, layers, and measurements. Its user interface and concepts are similar to AutoCAD, so if you have experience with that tool, this should be easy to master.

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Visit LibreCAD. Share Pin Email. This writer brings a unique set of skills to the table for those seeking information on the CAD industry. What We Like Part of the Autodesk family of modeling applications. AutoCAD is an industry standard. What We Don't Like Watermarking on the free software editions. Similarly, software that offered more importing and exporting options was rewarded with higher scores. We evaluated how quickly they responded and how helpful they were at answering our questions.

Each of the companies responded quickly to our emails, and they were equally helpful and courteous in their replies. When we asked an electrical engineer of 26 years what tips he had for new CAD users, he simply stated, "Get training. Whether that's online or taking a class — whatever it is, just get the training. Don't think that without any knowledge in the subject matter you'll be able to intuitively use the tools. Since CAD is such complex software, it would benefit you to attend a training course for any program you use, especially since most programs tend to have quirks that make using each program different from every other program.

Fortunately, many of the software programs we evaluated provided at least basic training on their websites or YouTube channels. You can also find additional training on learning websites like Lynda. The answer to this question really depends on the level of computer aided design you are planning on doing. These costs can add up over time, so keep that in mind when choosing your software. You will need to contact a sales representative to initiate the purchasing process for professional-level software and to check your eligibility for student discounts.

You want to make sure the program you buy matches the type of work you want to do. As the name suggests, 2D CAD mainly works with two-dimensional drawings using basic geometry like lines and shapes. This type of software is helpful when drafting architectural blueprints, product schematics and other 2D engineering layouts.

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It can be broken into three categories: wire-frame models, surface models and solid models. Elements of your designs are displayed as lines, and the background is visible through the design. This helps engineers understand how their designs work in the real world, taking into account things like gravity.

This type of CAD is necessary when calculating any weaknesses or errors in your designs. For this reason, solid models are usually considered the most important and helpful category of 3D CAD. When shopping for computer-aided design software, a few features and tools stand out as key indicators of good software. During our research, we found that tools like a command line and the house wizard were included with the best CAD software.

They also often had comprehensive video tutorials and a few others. You should look for CAD tools that facilitate your specific interests.

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If you want to create architectural designs, for instance, you will want the best 3D modeling tools you can find. You should have the ability to create textures for different floor plans, as well as a high-functioning wall tool that makes creating walls simpler. CAD programs often cater to a specific field, whether that be architectural, electrical, mechanical or technical, so you need to make sure you choose a program that best fits your needs. Here are some things to look for when deciding on the right program:.

The professional engineers we spoke to both warned us that free CAD software — and sometimes even purchased CAD software — sends data back to the manufacturer, which allows them to steal your technology and designs. You should check into any company before using their programs, especially if you want to protect your work.