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Also, Dan needs your help to back up Cash's Windows box. Merlin has an important request, too. Finally, Merlin offers a whole goddamned book's worth of awesome productivity advice via a cheap notebook and five 5 daily bullet points. SendPro from Pitney Bowes Visit pb.

This week, Dan and Merlin talk a lot about komodo dragons. Also, homework sucks, seed codes rule, and Movesapp drools. Your hosts respond to listener questions about the state of self-tracking, and the scourge of extraneous device notifications. Formstack Visit formstack. This episode, your hosts catch up on Florida, schedule and sleep consistency, ladders vs. Your hosts respond to listener feedback and questions regarding feeling overwhelmed and dealing with dumb clocks.

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This week, Dan and Merlin look back on summer and forward to the new school year. Also, some excellent ad hoc Business Analysis about the past and future of malls and other retail outposts. Your hosts respond to listener feedback and questions regarding domain name speculation and options for tracking multiple currencies. This week, Dan and Merlin talk about iOS 11, the trade-offs of running betas, and waking up to how we're using devices differently.

Merlin has thoughts on the usefulness of the will to live. Dan has a new approach to dealing with PR pitches, and the boys undertake an exciting new social experiment. Your hosts answer listener questions about the mechanics of calendar scheduling and best practices for building new habits. This week, Dan talks about a cool new addition to his Fireside. First, your hosts address the era of Peak TV, including how they choose their TV services and how they recommend narrowing in on finding the best stuff to watch and when.

Next, the evergreen topic of calendars and todos returns. How do you decide what goes where? And how do combine focus and motivation to derive a functional map of your time terrain? This week, Dan and Merlin help a listener and his youngster get started with Spider-Man. Also, hey, support your Local Comic Shop! Listener Molly asks how to help prevent a terrible, damaging change from happening inside her company. Dan talks about War for the Planet of the Apes , and Merlin knows when to exit on a good bit.

Find out why at slack. This week, Dan and Merlin dive into the thriving ecosystem of Florida's ad hoc roofing and lawn care professionals.

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Merlin gets The Boeing Contract, and Dan leaves a check under the mat. Your hosts admit they don't really understand the big kerfuffle over 1Password, but they admit to feeling the pain of being an indie developer today. Dan just wants the beef ribs he'd been promised. Around , the spoiler horn fires off for a squee-filled celebration of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Just go see this movie. Merlin, unsurprisingly, has a lot to say about this. Like, really. A lot a lot. In this week's tight and bright episode, Dan and Merlin do dome followup on food bars and CBD oil, then discuss how to get better at letting people just enjoy what they like.

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In this week's main topic, your hosts address how to think more productively and more realistically about what you need from a task management app. Dan introduces his new thought technology about "Protoforms. This week, Dan and Merlin cover corgis and other pets , asking for lettuce wraps, high-floor sandwiches, bread in a tube, John Wick no spoilers , and the wonderful comic infographics of Kate Willaert. There is some ecosystem talk regarding ride sharing statistics and Apple's announced addition of podcast listening analytics.

How many bits of identifying information are you sending?

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Your hosts answer Listener Tim's question about when to accept that you can't do everything and should just let go of old project ideas. This week kicks off with some thoughts on yesterday's WWDC Keynote and some potentially promising signs for Apple's future.

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Dan declares YouTube videos from The Trip to be the greatest thing Merlin has ever shown him, and he is correct. Merlin is infatuated with Nebo.

Then, the boys answer listener questions about calendars, GTD and Buddhism, and how to choose a browser. This week, Dan and Merlin opine about various Apple feelings and wondering where the heck things are going. Merlin is sanguine.

Bombfell Visit Bombfell. This week, Dan and Merlin talk about what motivates the companies who make set-top boxes vs. What attracts fans to a given platform, and why are we getting so resistant to straight-up buying movies and TV shows? In listener feedback, your hosts examine whether and how various apps and services can be deployed in the service of building better habits. In this sprawling "odds 'n sods" episode, Dan and Merlin discuss: superheroes, scary movie trailers, yes, more egregious package delivery drama, customer service Buddhism, some excellent kids books, updates on the pretty good Hulu Live TV service, commercials for prescription drugs, politics and blood pressure, the joys of Nuzzel.

This week, Dan and Merlin unexpectedly end up doing a pretty deep dive on Amazon voice products and the evolving ecosystem around them. Which is way more interesting than it sounds. Alibaba Visit Gateway This week, Dan and Merlin talk about the experience of Apple stores and repairs, The Handmaid's Tale , Dan's invertebrate-sensing skills, and some follow-up on "look left, go left.

Listener Molly asks about how to become a morning person, and Listener Lance wants help with the anxiety of moving someplace new. This week Dan and Merlin talk about lice, Kenny Rogers, strange memory phenomena, an intriguing new oil, and popcorn nugs pricing. Flow Visit getflow. Main topic this week is a question from Listener Brian about project management. Merlin expounds at length at this dark art and what it can teach us about life. Hotjar By visiting hotjar. HireLoop Visit hireloop.

Then, there's some handy tips on how to leverage iOS Accessibility settings for a better and more efficient experience on your device.

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Listener Michelle writes in to ask about dealing with colleagues who use the hallway as an ad hoc one-on-one meeting. What strategies can we employ to be civil and collegial about careless interruptions without lowering our standards or losing our minds? After some brief shucky-jivey, the boys resign themselves to discussing the big Apple announcement. They ponder why and how the message was delivered in the way it was as well as what it means. Dan has thoughts on modularization and Merlin reveals a new unified field theory.

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After some very important follow-up, and more than a little shucking and jiving, your hosts answer questions from listeners. This week, Dan and Merlin have one of their beloved "odds and sods" episodes. Something for everyone in this diverse and bewildering episode.